Grading information for children

(Boys & Girls 6 to 11 years inclusive)


Children TrainingUntil a child reaches their 12th birthday, junior members are titled Junior and are governed by the following rules.

Juniors first have the opportunity to grade for 9th Grade (Red Belt). This is the same sylabus as 8th Mon, but without the pair work and combinations.

Following the 9th Grade, all Juniors applying for their relevant grades from 8th Mon to 1st Kyu will be applying for a Mon grade (striped belt) and after attaining their Mon grade will then be working towards and be taking the relevant Kyu grade (full colour belt).

The system works like this: 9th grade, 8th Mon and then 8th Kyu; 7th Mon and then 7th Kyu; 6th Mon and then 6th Kyu, all the way up to taking 1st Mon and then 1st Kyu and on to Junior Dan Grade (Black Belt).

  •  9th Grade - Red Belt

  •  8th Mon and then 8th Kyu - Yellow Stripe/Yellow Belt

  •  7th Mon and then 7th Kyu - Orange Stripe/Orange Belt

  •  6th Mon and then 6th Kyu - Green Stripe/Green Belt

  •  5th Mon and then 5th Kyu - Blue Stripe/Blue Belt

  •  4th Mon and then 4th Kyu - Purple Stripe/Purple Belt

  •  3rd Mon and then 3rd Kyu - Brown Stripe/Brown Belt

  •  2nd Mon and then 2nd Kyu - Brown Belt

  •  1st Mon and then 1st Kyu - Brown belt with Black Stripe Belt

  •  1st Dan (Junior) - Black Belt

The criteria governing grades is that all students, irrespective of whether they had achieved a Mon Grade or a Kyu Grade at their last grading, must have a further minimum of twenty four (24) training attendance Stamps and at least twelve (12) weeks must have elapsed from their last grading before they can attempt their next grading. This means that if a student is unable to train more than once a week they shall have an extended time period between gradings.

Beginners do not have to have 24 stamps (9th Grades & 8th Kyu/Mon – ask your Sensei for advice).

These requirements are the bare minimum.

All juniors need time to enjoy and absorb their training to progress.

Each child has different abilities and no two children can be judged or treated the same. Different time scales are relevant to different children, the minimum times between gradings and the minimum attendance stamp requirements are a guide only; some junior karate students need a great deal more to achieve a successful pass at their examination.

If a junior student has more stamps than the minimum requirement all the better, the student in question shall be in a much better position to take their grading. Stamps in excess of the bare minimum of 24 cannot be held over for the next grading, these stamps represent time and effort spent on training for the grade in hand, any new training shall be spent on a new syllabus and a new preparation for a new belt. New training requires a new commitment with new stamps as a training record of that new commitment.

There is no short cut to developing karate as constant and regular training is needed to progress.

A grading is an examination for which the applicant must be fully prepared. This preparation takes time which can vary greatly between individuals; a student who is deemed not up to standard will fail and will need to prepare again for the belt previously applied for. If a student fails their belt (no award made) they may only apply again for their belt when they have made suitable preparations and then can apply to retake the grade after a minimum of one month (4 weeks) have elapsed.

Advice and guidance from their instructor is very important as to when the student should re-apply to grade.

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