Information on Grading

For Adults (16 Years Plus)


Adult Training1. Grading applicants must be in possession of an up to date Licence and present the licence to the Examiner upon grading.

2. Students applying to grade must have a minimum of 24 training attendance stamps from their last grading.

3. The minimum time period between gradings is 3 months or 12 weeks; this period is based upon twice weekly sessions.

4. Technical pre-requisites for KYU grading:

a) A good understanding of the appropriate KYU Grade Syllabus is essential (see Syllabus Book).
b) Students must be able to execute basic punch, basic kick, relevant combinations, perform with a partner their blocks realistically and be able to demonstrate prescribed Kata efficiently.
c) If in doubt about any training or technical problem ask your Sensei.

5. If you fail your grading you must wait at least 4 weeks before you may re-take your examination. You may find that your licence has been marked to indicate you should wait a certain time before retaking your exam.

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