Sensei Dr Maggy Jennings OBE

Sensei Dr Maggy Jennings OBE 4th Dan

EWKR Child Safeguarding Officer

Maggy Jennings began her Wado karate training back in 1980 starting at the Farnham and Aldershot Wado-Kai Karate Clubs and she has been training regularly 2-3 times a week ever since, mainly with Sensei Barry Wilkinson 8th Dan, Chairman of England Wado-Kai Karate-Do Renmei and Vice President of Federation of European Wado-Kai. 

In 2017, Maggy Jennings was appointed as Child Safeguarding Officer for the EWKR. She has developed the Association's Safeguarding Policy, keeping it up-to-date with safeguarding issues and ensuring that all instructors are DBS checked and cleared.

Dan Grade Gradings and Promotions

  • Shodan (1st) – 1989, Graded with SKW (Southern Karate-Do Wado-Kai)
  • Nidan (2nd)2009, Graded with England Wado-Kai
  • Sandan (3rd) – May 2017, Graded with England Wado-Kai
  • Yondan (4th) – September 2021, Awarded by England Wado-Kai
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