Sensei Paul Hibberd karate biographyP Hibberd

Sensei Paul Hibberd started training at Applemore Karate Club in October 1983 at the age of 18 under Sensei John Goodwin as part of Southern Karate-do Wadokai.

He dedicated several evenings a week to Karate and competed in every competition available.After being selected for the SKW squad for the first time in 1986 he has represented both the SKW & EKW on many occasions in national and international tournaments over a 15 year period

After achieving his 1st Dan in October 1987 and along with his brother Mark took over as the instructor at Applemore Karate Club later that year.

In 2001 paul took over the role of Kumite Coach in 2001 and is ofter an instructor on the many courses or seminars offered by the EWKR.

Dan Grade Record

1st Dan  October 1987
2nd Dan  May 1992
3rd Dan  May 1997
4th Dan  May 2003
5th Dan  May 2009  

6th Dan  Date TBC  


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